Production Services

Fixer Production Services

There is more than meets the eye in our country. After all, it has around 200,000 lakes across its territory. When it comes to production assistance, Finland Fixer offers more than the average. Our portfolio expands beyond equipment rental or film permit. We go the extra mile for an over the top filming experience.

Fixer Production Services

Production Assistance In Finland

When you say Finland Fixer, the first thing that should come to your mind is reliability. We are a local production company striving to offer top-of-the-line services. Foreign filmmakers have chosen our production assistance in Finland and they loved it.

Our services include:

  • Initial research & fact-checking
  • Film permits, paperwork & local access
  • Gear rental offers
  • Film locations scouting
  • Film crew & local contributors sourcing
  • Logistics, including transportation & accommodation
  • Production support for foreign journalists & filmmakers

Thanks to our dedicated team which is part of an international video production agency, levels of productivity are always on the rise. With the proper help, the ominous stress during shooting can be less draining.

Rely on our customized production assistance in Finland. We can ensure you get access to all the resources you need. Sweet deals on gear rental or qualified, experienced crew for hire are just some of the benefits.

Finland is, for many, the most affordable and convenient Scandinavian filming location. It offers that endless snow scenery without much effort. Plus, the diversity of the scenery throughout the four seasons adds to the country’s charm. Telegenic locations are welcoming filmmakers from all across the world.

So come to film in Finland!