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Expand your filmmaking horizons north of the border. The Finland filming locations will make you want to spend more time behind the camera. Luckily, you can do that here, thanks to the extended daylight season. We have a top location manager to guide you off-road or through the ultimate urban locations.

Four seasons with versatile landscapes can match any filmmaker’s expectations. And with Every Man’s Right, film permits are one less worry for many productions. If all this sounds appealing to you, let us give you a taste of what Finland Fixer can provide. Contact us today and let’s talk filming!

Finland Filming Locations – Helsinki

Filming in Helsinki is one of the most popular choices for many filmmakers. As the largest production service in the country, it offers access to plenty of resources. Among the Finland filming locations, the capital stands out with its Art Nouveau architecture. With its sleek buildings, green spaces, and waterways, Helsinki is for sure telegenic. In all four seasons, the well-developed infrastructure allows quick and efficient transportation.

Thanks to the international aerial connections Helsinki has, it can be easily reached. This large production hub is just a few flight hours away from other Asian or American centers. To keep your worries at bay, trust a local production assistance provider. At Finland Fixer, we handle all the paperwork, so you get more time behind the camera. We have the knowledge and connections to ensure your filming needs are all met. Our support covers film permits, great deals on gear rental, and much more.

Finland filming locations Helsinki

Filming in Porvoo 

For the most picturesque wooden houses in Finland, all you have to do is head east from the capital. Porvoo, the second oldest city in the country is well known for its eye-catching rustic style. It can be a great match for many types of video productions. About an hour driving from Helsinki, this quaint town can steal the spotlight. The well-preserved 18th-century buildings are ideal for any plot or story set in the past. Like many of the Finland filming locations, this enchanting medieval gem is very welcoming. Obtaining film permits in Porvoo is pretty simple. Small scale productions, not disrupting traffic in public spaces, have no restrictions. You may need a film permit only if you want exclusive use of public property. Filming in Porvoo can prove very rewarding for any filmmaker. Dare to capture the charm of its cobblestone streets and iconic wooden houses on film.

Finland filming locations Porvoo

Finland Filming Locations – Turku

For a genuine medieval vibe, Turku is a great match among the Finland filming locations. Cobblestone streets and eye-catching buildings greet you at every step. What used to be the capital city is now a picturesque gathering spot for many foodies. But it is not just the title of “food capital” that makes Turku a popular destination. Enjoy filming the vibrant atmosphere of local festivals flooding the streets. Or make the most of the peaceful surroundings in Kurjenrahka National Park.

No matter your preference, Finland Fixer is at your service. We are a local provider of production support, ensuring you have a great experience in Turku. We can assist you in getting all the approvals or film permits. Our location scout manager will go across land and sea, to find the perfect setting for your film. A reliable production company is the kind of partner you need when filming in Turku. Drop us a message today!

film permits FinlandTurku

Filming in Santa Claus Village

The most enchanting winter wonderland is found in Lapland. And here is where you can also find one of the most magical of the Finland filming locations. The Santa Claus Village is the place where everyone feels like a kid again. To leave aside adult worries, let us guide you through the film permit procedures. Spend less time filling up paperwork and more time behind the camera.

Follow the lead of our location scout manager to find the coziest place under the northern lights. Share the burden with an experienced film fixer in Finland. Beyond the holiday season, this part of the country will still leave you speechless. Endless forest, unspoiled tundra, remote Sami villages await to be in the spotlight. We are a message away, ready to handle all the details for a successful shooting in Santa Claus Village. Naughty or nice, we make sure all filmmakers get their share of top support.

location scout finland Santa Claus village