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Summer by the beach, winter on ski slopes, or watching reindeers – the choice is yours. Filming in Finland allows you to opt for any of these (or all). For its versatile landscape and optimal sunlight conditions, this northern country is unmissable. Bureaucracy is minimal, film permits being usually unnecessary for public spaces. Well trained crew, accessible locations, top-notch equipment, the full package is available. Make the most of its filming potential, by teaming up with a leading production fixer in Finland. Our team is at your service, ready to fulfill your vision. Ready to talk about your next production? Drop us a message today!

Top-Notch Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Finland

Imagined as a cold, unwelcoming country, Finland is very film-friendly. Straightforward procedures for film permits and knowledgeable crew make it a real heaven. Foreign filmmakers started opting for filming in Finland more and more in the past years. The high standards for production assistance are another plus. As a leading fixer, we know all about filming needs and how to get the right resources for you. Our country-wide network of collaborators is the key to upgrading your game. They can provide state-of-the-art gear, even in the most remote locations. Thanks to a well-developed infrastructure, filming in Finland allows quick access. You also get connections with international production hubs, spread across all continents. In a matter of hours, you can reach this abundant northern scenery, from Asia or America.

Leave stereotypes aside when directing your attention to Finland. There is so much more than the Christmas family movie potential here. Remote cabins, wide lakes, pristine forests can be suitable for many productions. Our location scout can guide you in finding the perfect setting for your film. From drama, documentary to horror even, anything can be easily filmed here. Choose our extensive production assistance, for a worry-free experience.

Getting Film Permits In Finland

Finland’s Every Man’s Right grants everyone the freedom of recording almost anywhere. Even in the wildest areas, filmmakers can capture raw beauty on camera freely. Film permits are usually not required for filming in Finland. That, of course, comes with some conditions. Shooting that involves private properties does impose the need for a permit. Otherwise, public spaces, unspoiled locations, all are open. You should know that this freedom is, however, limited. Your production should not involve large scale transformations of the space. Also, you may need approval if it impacts the inhabitants, traffic, or safety in the filming area.

If Lapland is mostly covered in snow, urban settlements come with different challenges. If your shooting day requires restricted traffic or filming inside private buildings, beware. Film permits are necessary in such a case, for several reasons. For both parties involved, privacy, safety, and rights are essential. Finland Fixer is here to help you determine what kind of approvals you need for your location. Our experts will be there for you long before day one of filming to guide you through the process. We can clarify if you need film permits in your chosen area. Contact us for more details!

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Finland

Among the incentives you can benefit from when filming in Finland, the main one is the 25% cash rebate. This covers both above and below-the-line production costs, as well as the post-production. It is great news for foreign filmmakers to know that Finland keeps things simple.

The cash rebate is accessible for any production company, Finnish or international.

The categories of productions accepted include feature films, documentaries, serial fiction, or animations. Procedures for granting the incentive take around three weeks. And if you are wondering which expenses are part of this scheme, here is the answer. The covered costs range from goods/services purchase to gear or facilities rental. In some cases, travel expenses from and in Finland can also be eligible.

To get to know more about the incentive scheme, we encourage you to rely on local support. Our experience as a production fixer allows us to have the necessary know-how to guide you. We can get in touch with the regional film commissions as well. We strive to ensure that any foreign production company makes the most of filming in Finland.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the incentive scheme available in the region where you plan to shoot.

Fixer Finland filming