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When talking about filming in Finland, the most common image coming to mind is endless winter. Yet the home of Santa Claus has a lot more to offer than justFinland Fixer winter wonderland scenery. Its contrasting landscapes throughout the four seasons make Finland a great filming destination.

To make the most of all the gorgeous spots here, you need local guidance. Finland Fixer is the expert support you are looking for. A team of dedicated professionals at your service to ensure you get access to all the local resources.

Our location scout will take you through the most telegenic places. You get to choose from an abundance of pristine forests or dramatic cliff edges on the coastline. We can give you a hand with the film permit as well, so you can start shooting on time.

Our experience goes beyond commercial video productions. If you need the support of a fully vetted journalist fixer, call off the search. For covering a story or getting interviews with the main actors, we have the right contacts.

Finland Fixer’s portfolio includes a variety of services. Your filming experience in the land of a thousand lakes can only get better with our assistance. Equipment rental, crew hire, or translation are part of our area of expertise as well. You will appreciate collaborating with local professionals. The efficient work culture here drives every effort towards top results. In other words, rely on us to ensure your necessities are fully covered when filming in Finland.

The Main Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Finland

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What if filming in Finland would bring more than guaranteed snow? If guaranteed production assistance sounds good to you, team up with us.

Finland Fixer provides high-quality local support to foreign filmmakers. We make filming resources accessible at highly convenient rates. Shoot anywhere, from the frozen white Lapland scenery to Helsinki’s quaint architecture. Avoid getting stuck in maze-like bureaucracy, trust an experienced film fixer in Finland.

Long before day one of shooting, we are there for you. We have a team of experts at your service. Filming in Finland is a full package of positive experiences. Here, you get to enjoy up to 24 hours of sunlight during summer. Longer days mean more time to shoot, therefore your productivity will increase.

The versatility of the landscape makes this country ideal for any video production. Thanks to Finland’s developed film industry, you find a large pool of experienced crew. Infrastructure makes a difference in boosting the accessibility to any resource. And for any challenge you may encounter on the way, Finland Fixer will be by your side. As fully vetted production fixers, we know how to solve any issue promptly.

You will be glad to discover how much Finnish culture values efficient work. Rely on a proficient film fixer in Finland and you know your time and budget and on good hands. Problem-solving is a top skill among our team, as well as creativity and determination.

Give us a chance to prove how Finland Fixer is the ultimate production support provider for you.


Filming In Finland With Us

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Longer shooting days, stunning landscape, dedicated crew, it all sounds so appealing. No wonder that filming in Finland has become such a popular choice for videographers. Many foreign producers turn their eyes to the Finnish eye-pleasing filming destinations.

If we got you curious, we know we can convince you to choose this country as your next shooting spot. With the help of our knowledgeable location manager, you can explore all across the map. Check out the popular filming spots near the capital or way up north. If Bollywood or German productions found their perfect location here, so can you.

Finland Fixer makes sure your filming necessities are all covered. Film permits, equipment rental, translation, crew for hire – you name it. Our production assistance includes them all, for the top shooting experience. In the land of a thousand lakes, opportunities are countless.

Take the next step and partner up with Fixer Finland. Count on our skills and experience to make the most of what the country has to offer. With up to 24h of midnight sun, you know you will find your ideal light here.

Shoot in legendary locations or get an extra dose of authenticity if you plan a Christmas movie. Santa Claus Village is just one of the most popular points on the map. Adventure in the frosty, endless white Lapland, for snow filming even in summer. Or explore the bustling, picturesque Helsinki for a more urban perspective.

With the support of our local production mavens, you know your next video will be a hit.

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